Meaningful Teambuilding Activities in Shanghai

We all know the importance of teambuilding. With the availability of many teambuilding options in Shanghai, how do we find the right activity that is meaningful?

Here are 4 suggested teambuilding activities for your team:

1. Wing Chun

Choosing sports as a teambuilding activity encourages interaction outside the office environment, boosts interaction within the team and allows all to relax! However, you may be wondering what is a suitable sport for your diverse team...

Consider Wing Chun! Regardless of one’s age and gender, Wing Chun is a sport for all. Wing Chun does not require the brute strength of youth or a certain physical shape. Rather, it relies on patience and accurate motions. It can also be learned in a relatively short period of time!

With numerous health benefits which include flexibility, weight loss, mental focus and more, Wing Chun is definitely a sport that you should consider! 

Culturally workshop link: Ip Man Wing Chun 

(Learn from the disciples in the popular Ip Man Movie featuring Donnie Yen!)

Price: 150 RMB per pax
Location: Near Changshou Road 

2. Pottery

Being busy professionals, most of us seldom have the opportunity to develop our artistic sides. Take a pottery class! Who knows, your team members may discover this as a new passion. Did you know? It has been scientifically proven that pottery is therapeutic. By working on the wheel, our body reminds our brain that we have the ability to exercise control even in challenging environments. 

Think of pottery as a unique form of art that has health benefits linked to it!

Culturally workshop link: A Chinese Ceramics Experience! 

Class Price: 168-504 RMB per pax depending on your choice of activity (Glazing, Clay Throwing or both!)

Duration: 2 to 4 Hours 

Location: Near Tongji University

3. Volunteer

Want to spread the spirit of volunteering to your team members? Take part in a program! Volunteering promotes togetherness and allows your team to gain a sense of accomplishment. 

There are many volunteering activities that you can look out for.

To sustain the environment for our future generations, your team can take part in a green initiative! At GreenInitiatives, they aim to make a change to the environment through events and campaigns.

Don’t know what volunteering service to engage in? Create a poll with different volunteering services and get your members to vote 😁

4. Cooking

Last but not least… food! Through food, people connect as they start conversations to share about their experiences. Rather than just eating, why not cook from scratch?

Since your team is in China… try making Dimsum! A crowd favourite food in China. With Culturally’s Dimsum Workshop, your team gets to choose from a loooooong list of dimsum favorites. Make dimsum with your team, get the recipes delivered to your email (we’re all about the green initiative here!) and recreate it in the office!

Culturally workshop link: Let's DimSum in Shanghai!

Class Price: 250-300 RMB per pax depending on your choice (You get to pick and pair your own preferred dishes out of 40 varieties!)

Duration: 2 Hours 

Location: French Concession Area

This list that we have curated are inclusive activities suitable for all genders, ages and physical sizes!

Hooray! Note them down and prepare for a wonderful teambuilding day 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️

•     •     •

At Culturally, we customize various teambuilding options suitable for your company. Book your Culturally experience here!