Learn Singlish with Culturally! | Singlish Slam

Public Class  ·  Welcome to Singapu-lah! You blur? Come learn how to speak Singlish!

1 Hour
Singaporean Origin
Instructed in English

About the workshop

A unique language made up of a smorgasbord of languages including Malay, Tamil and Chinese dialects, Singlish is the true first language of local Singaporeans. We know that as an expat, sometimes it can be hard to make friends in a new country or immerse yourself fully in the local culture - so don't say we bojio!

Whether you're a travelling ang moh or expat making your home here temporarily – we welcome you to our closed-door Singlish workshop! Learn how to speak like a local and communicate effectively in Singapore. Held over an informal and interactive session, learn essential Singlish terms that can be used in everyday life on this sunny island.

Now in virtual format, our sessions are held over Zoom so you can invite even more people while observing social distancing!

What you will experience

1. Learn some tips and tricks about Singlish
2. Pick up useful Singlish terms you can use in your everyday life and amongst work colleagues or friends
3. Engage over specially designed games to help you use your newfound words, and make other Singlish newbie friends!
4. Complete our #singlishslam challenge and get $5 OFF your next Culturally experience!

Planning a teambuilding or private event? Customized workshops are available! Learn more here!

Flexible Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Booking must be made 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Other Details

We believe that the best way to learn Singlish is by speaking it! So, you will be called upon during the workshop for some active participation! 🙂 Invite friends so you can hear them speak Singlish together!