IKIGAI | Slow-made Wooden Jewelry

Public Class  ·   · Learn the art of Ikigai and create your own wooden jewelry.

2 To 2.5 Hours
Singaporean Origin
Instructed in English, Chinese Mandarin
Min 1
Ages 12 And Above

About the workshop

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that stands for "a reason for being” – what you truly live for, what gets you out of bed each morning, what makes life worthwhile?

In this 2 to 2.5 hour workshop, experience Studio Mu Yu's version of Ikigai and embark on a slow, fulfilling process of creating your own jewelry. Immerse in the true value of being hands-on through a traditional craft, one thought to be used just for making furnitures and renovation work – woodworking.

This Ikigai workshop explores a fun and sustainable way of slow-made wooden jewelry using woodworking hand tools! Experience working on wood that is locally sourced in Singapore too!

Note: Please be in long pants and covered shoes.

What you will experience

- Explore a new and therapeutic world in woodworking.
- Learn about the importance of trees' sustainability.
- Be introduced to different types of wood.
- Identify the importance of the direction of wood grain, and its impact in the beauty of your final handcrafted woodwork jewelry.
- Learn about the right kind of finishing/staining to use for your product.
- Receive demonstrations of how to use traditional woodworking hand tools!
- Design, create and cut your own jewelry template.
- Bring home your handmade creation of earrings or a necklace!

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Flexible Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge 48 hours before the scheduled start time.

Booking must be made 3 days before the scheduled start time.

Other Details

If you would like to arrange for a private woodworking workshop in Singapore, please contact [email protected] for more details!


Note: Full workshop address will be included in booking confirmation email.

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