Food and Culture & Food-bites hands-on Experience

Public Class  ·  Discover a variety of food cultures in Singapore through this guided tour

3 Hours
Singaporean Origin
Instructed in English
18 And Above

About the workshop

Experience the tastes, sights and sounds of Singapore with Singabites' hands-on food bites pit-stops and culture tour. Netflix has even featured a family-run street food business in their documentary series of “Street Food” in Singapore!

This is an educational and hands-on experience that will bring you through the cultural origins of multiple varieties of food found in Geylang Serai (the oldest Malay settlement in Singapore), so that you can enjoy local food just like the locals do.

Get behind-the-scenes to learn not just how to make the food yourself, but also get up-close and personal with the aunties, uncles, ladies and gentlemen, managing their stalls in shophouses/hawker centres and revel in the stories behind their businesses.

In Geylang Serai, be prepared to view this cultural neighbourhood of Singapore in a different light and learn the role of food in the evolution of Singapore’s culture.

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What you will experience

1. Experience a walking tour through sites of cultural significance and learn about how they have evolved since their early histories.
2. Visit eating places run by local businesses and get to know the people and stories behind the food.
3. Under the guidance of experienced hawker proprietors, learn how to prepare food whilst learning insider tips on the skills needed to perfect the dish.
4. Savour local delights and take uber-cool photos along the way.

Flexible Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge 15 days before the scheduled start time.

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