Artisan Sauce Making Livestreaming Workshop with Nanyang Sauce

Public Class  ·  For soy sauce lovers young and old! Learn about tasting and fermentation!

2 Hours
Chinese Origin
Instructed in English

About the workshop

Ever since 1959, Nanyang Sauce has been a longstanding steward of Singapore's tradition in soya sauce. Every bottle of Nanyang Sauce is hand-brewed with 100% non-Genetically Modified (GMO) Canadian soya beans kept under the sun for nine months for a uniquely Nanyang flavor.

Compared to some mass produced soya beans, Nanyang's naturally fermented beans are still made in the same way as they were over half a century ago.

Having been featured on various media sources from Channel NewsAsia to The Business Times and Capital 958 Radio, Nanyang Sauce prides itself on being traditional, authentic and natural. Go on this sensory journey with them and engage all your senses through sauce appreciation!

What you will experience

How do you identify a good sauce? What is the umami taste? Just like wine or tea, sauce is to be appreciated!

1. Receive an exclusive Artisan Sauce Making Kit delivered to your home
2. Learn to identify what is Umami taste and the 5 tastes
3. Uncover the secrets of making traditional artisanal soy sauce
4. Find out about the history of Nanyang Sauce
5. Have a taste of 7 of Nanyang Sauce's artisanal sauces
6. Discover difference between commercially produced soy sauce and handmade soy sauce
7. Learn techniques how to identify naturally fermented soy sauce
8. Realize the difference between the different grades of Soy Sauce
9. Enjoy a memorable live workshop experience in the comfort of your home and participate with your family to get a hands on experience making sauce
10. Care for your fermenting sauces daily over the next 9 month and share your progress quarterly in Nanyang Sauce Academy Community

Note:The zoom link for the workshop will be sent after booking has been made. Please leave your mailing address for the kit on the checkout page. Thank you!

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Booking & Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, cancellation is not permitted for this workshop.

Booking must be made 7 days before the scheduled start time.