What is Prata?

We all know this famous dish as Roti Prata. Roti literally translates to “bread” and prata means “flat”. Malaysians call this dish “Roti Canai”.

What is it?
Roti Prata is a flatbread sold mostly by Indian Muslims stallholders at coffee shops and hawker centres. The two common types of pratas served are plain prata and egg prata. There are many other prata variations like cheese prata, ice cream prata and more...

Prata can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner but most take it as a breakfast item.

Where did it originate from?
There are three hypotheses to the origin of prata.

#1 Punjabis
Pratas were enjoyed as pancakes in Punjab, a region in Northern India where wheat dishes were common in the Punjabi diet.

#2 Muslims
Some said that Muslims who specialized in making different types of bread discovered Roti Prata.

#3 Chennai
Roti Prata is also known as “Roti Canai”, and the word “Canai” is derived from the word “Chennai”, a city in Southern India where the migrant workers ate pratas along with curry.

No matter where prata originated from, it has certainly made its way into the hearts of many foodies!

How to eat it?
The two common ways of eating prata is dipping it in curry or pairing it with sugar!

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