Unique Teambuilding activities in Shanghai

Teambuilding encourages communication, improves relationships and ultimately increases productivity. In Shanghai, there are many types of Teambuilding activities available. But what kind of Teambuilding activity should we aim for?

Here are 4 Teambuilding activities that you should consider. 

1) Cooking 

Food has the ability to connect people. It removes barriers and allows the team to learn about new cultures thus building stronger relationships. 

Let’s look at Dimsum, a huge part of Hong Kong’s Yum Cha culture, but also a popular food choice for everyone in Shanghai. Who doesn’t love 小笼包 (Shanghainese Soup Dumplings)!?. It is a dish widely enjoyed by everyone around the world, especially with Ding Tai Feng’s rise to fame. But is everyone familiar with the origins of Dimsum?

One of Culturally’s most popular workshops, “Let’s Dimsum in Shanghai!” creates the opportunity for any hungry team to learn about the history of dimsum, make dimsum and also eat dimsum together!

Public Class Price: 200 RMB per pax 

Private Class Price: 250-300 RMB per pax depending on your choice (You get to pick and pair your own preferred dishes out of 40 varieties!)

Duration: 2 Hours 

Location: French Concession Area

2) Sports/ Physical Activity

Choosing sports as a teambuilding activity encourages interaction outside the office environment, boosts interaction within the team, and allows all to relax! However, you may be wondering what is a suitable sport for your diverse team (bearing in mind social distancing measures!)

Consider Wing Chun! Regardless of one’s age and gender, Wing Chun is a sport for all. Wing Chun does not require the brute strength of youth or a certain physical shape. Rather, it relies on patience and accurate motions. The basics can also be picked up in one lesson!

With numerous health benefits which include flexibility, weight loss, mental focus and more, Wing Chun is definitely a unique team building activity your team can consider!

Price: 150 RMB per pax

Duration: 1-2 Hours 

Location: Multiple locations (Inquire here!)

3) Entertainment 

Don’t want to use any brain cells or exert too much energy? Karaoke, mini-golf, and bars are perfect for you! At Big E, team members get to enjoy all these facilities, and more! For youthful team members with that extra boost of energy, there’s even a laser tag room for you!

Entertaining activities encourages team members to step out of their comfort zones and have fun together. With something for everyone, rest assured that no team members will be left idle!

4) Art

Most team members want the opportunity to get in touch with their artistic side, but don’t have the chance to. By taking time off work to try out something artisanal, team members may uncover hidden talents and passions, and even discover a new method of stress-relief, leading to increased productivity in the workplace!

Culturally Workshop - Pottery in Shanghai

Artistic activities promote creativity and allow team members to feel a sense of accomplishment upon finishing a piece of artwork.

Private Class Price: 188 - 490 RMB per pax depending on your choice of activity (Glazing, Clay Throwing, or both!)

Duration: 2 to 4 Hours 

Location: Pudong District, Yang Xin East Roast

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Excited to try these teambuilding activities? At Culturally, we customize various options suitable for your company. Book your Culturally experience here!