Team Building for the Remote Team

There is strong scientific evidence that team building activities have a positive effect on team performance. But how do you connect a team that is distributed all over the world? Here are four ideas we gift to you. 

#1 Weekly online games

This may sound unusual but... try online gaming! 

What you will need:
- A game available on both IOS and Android devices
  (it is better to choose speed, coordination, reaction and puzzle related games)
  Think… Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, 2048 etc.
- Video call conference programme


Prepare a different game weekly (so that no one practices for it 😉) and set aside 30 minutes for a video call conference with your team! Allow 10 minutes of practice session and then proceed to play for a few good rounds. At the end of each round, get your team to screenshot their scores.

To spice things up and get your team excited for this weekly activity, gift the winner a prize! Consider prizes such as... an hour early off work, a bubble tea treat, a snack treat and more.

 #2 Get fit together

This idea calls for an investment in fitness trackers. But hey, getting your team to work towards having better health is worth it!

What you will need:
- A fitness tracker of your choice
- A sharing platform such as Slack 

Dedicate a channel for fitness and encourage your team to share photos, fitness related articles and more! You can set your own challenges for the team. Maybe… take at least 20,000 steps in 4 days to get a free juice!

#3 Weekly picture sharing

Start a weekly routine to get your team to share about their lives. Share a picture every week and talk about the story behind the picture! This low-maintenance routine is definitely something that your team can try for a start. 

#4 Gift them experiences 

Besides doing teambuilding online, this idea allows for your team to participate in something hands-on. Why not gift your team an experience? Depending on their locations, send them a gift to attend cultural workshops! 

Choose to send your team members to a dimsum workshop or a pottery workshop. The choice is yours. At Culturally, you can send your Singapore and Shanghai members to a wide variety of hands-on workshops!

After attending the workshops, get your team members to share their experiences 😁

•     •     •

At Culturally, we customize various teambuilding options suitable for your company. Book your Culturally experience here!