Team Building Activities in Singapore for ALL

Being in a diverse company with employees of different genders, age and physical abilities, it is often a challenge to conduct team building activities that can cater to ALL. Here, we present four team building activities that are suitable for A L L.

#1 Make your own T-shirt 
Rather than designing the company t-shirt for your team members, allow them to unleash their creativity at The Noteway where they get to create a company t-shirt themselves! To print exclusive logos (the company logo of course 😁), heat transfer printing can be done - this gives your members a sense of belonging at the workplace!

This activity provides the opportunity for social engagement, a sense of togetherness, encourages creativity and more! Try it!

#2 Try Pottery
Many of us have never tried the art of pottery. Pottery has the ability to relieve tension where the simple and tactile process of molding clay allows one to take a break from a fast-paced lifestyle. 

This year, try pottery as team building. Allow your team members to get in touch with their artistic sides and inspire creativity in them! Who knows, they may discover a new passion! Give pottery a shot!

Workshop: It’s Clay Day! 
Price: $28-$65 depending on your choice of activity
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Location: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
Corporate (Private) Bookings: Enquire here 

#3 Do Batik Painting
Batik Painting is a traditional wax technique for fabric design that originated from Java. Learn about the rich history behind Batik painting and how to use the traditional tool - tjanting, an essential tool in Batik Painting.

Painting allows artists to express themselves their own unique way and allows one to explore different techniques and colours that best suit them. Provide the opportunity for your team to create their own Batik Painting at only SGD$20 per pax!

Workshop: Get Creative with Batik! 
Price: $20 per pax
Duration: 2 Hours
Location: Near Goodman Road
Corporate (Private) Bookings: Enquire here

#4 Flip Prata
Something missing from this list?... FOOD! As avid foodies, many of us are aware of the existence of prata. For those who have never heard of prata, you are bound to love it!

Try your hand at prata flipping at Casuarina Curry. Ideally located at Upper Thomson or Sixth Avenue, this activity will fill up your tummies as you get to enjoy free flow prata after the workshop! What are you waiting for?


Workshop: Can you make Prata?
Price: $20 (>10 pax) - $22 (Min. 4 pax) per pax
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Near Upper Thomson or Sixth Avenue
Corporate (Private) Bookings: Enquire here

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