On-site vs Off-site Team Building

We all know that team building activities are important to the well-being of both your employees and the company. The next step of organising a team building activity is: Where? Should you conduct it in the tight spaces of the office or somewhere off-site where the focus would be simply having fun and bonding with the team? 

Here are some benefits of conducting team building activities off-site!

Showing employees you care

Off-site team building activities are generally known to be costlier and more of an effort to plan. It is, however, nice for employees to know that their company places such importance in their well-being and growth that such money and effort is worthwhile. This allows employees to feel valued and makes them appreciate the company more, which in turn encourages and pushes them to work harder for the company’s goal. 

Improves communication throughout the office

Off-site team building activities promote relationships across departments throughout the company. It is an opportunity for employees to interact with new people that they don’t usually get to work with. Off-site team building activities also allow team leaders to be seen as allies rather than bosses. This bridges the relationship between employees and bosses and promotes more effective communication in the office.

More relaxing & effective

In the office, everyone has to be on their toes. From checking up on last-minute emails to entertaining clients that show up unexpectedly, an office environment tends to be very tense. On top of that, being physically in the office does not help with getting a mental break from all these tasks. Having your team building done off-site takes away all that stress and gets them to focus on the important task of team building - building rapport with their team. Being out of office also provides an informal setting which will allow your employees to truly relax and unwind. When relaxed and comfortable, they will also be more open to interact with new people and form new relationships.

Motivates employees

Building rapport among the team encourages team members to be more receptive to one anothers’ ideas and opinions. It is also motivating to work in a comfortable environment, where members of the team have mutual trust. Off-site team building activities allows employees to get to know one another on a personal level and strengthens the team as a whole.

Promotes Creativity

People are so used to sitting at their same old desks, looking at the same old plain walls. In a relaxed and more positive environment - out of the confinement of the office, allows for more conducive brainstorming and creativity. By engaging with colleagues out of their usual work environment, employees gain a different experience and in turn, the opportunity to think and work out of their normal routine, which can stimulate and boost creativity.

Just check out some of these creative works of art made by #rallyers at a Culturally organised Teambuilding!

Just check out some of these creative works of art made by #rallyers at a Culturally organised Teambuilding!

A pottery workshop held in the western part of Singapore, Jurong West.

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