Monthly Team Building Activities in Singapore to Motivate!

Team building isn’t something to do once a year or every quarterly, it works better if it’s constant in the workplace to build killer teams. Conduct long-term team building to boost employee camaraderie! Team building not only brings about enhanced productivity, it is also great for overall morale and happiness when employees become friends.

Here are 4 monthly team building activities to bring to your workplace:

1) Monthly Movie Screening

With the availability of many affordable movie streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and more, a monthly movie screening session with your team is not only easy, but bound to be met with cheers!

Watching movies allows your team to unwind and relax together. In addition, it has been proven that watching movies improves communication skills. Talk about the villain in the movie, how the plot could have been better, the acting skills of the actors, the list goes on...Set up a poll and get your team to vote for the upcoming movie! This allows your team members to feel a sense of involvement and gives them something to look forward to every month.

Last week, team culturally conducted a movie session with our remote team members. It was a successful movie screening session and our movie pick was the epic Dangal!

2) Monthly Workout Session

Get your team moving by signing your team up for a Qigong, Zumba class or Yoga class. The workout choice is yours!

There are many benefits when it comes to working out in big groups. By working out with your team members, it takes things to the next level. Research shows that exercising with co-workers leads to increased productivity! Furthermore, there is a high chance that your teammates have been too preoccupied to participate in exercise classes, this serves as a good opportunity for them to raise some endorphins and try something new! Who knows, your team members may find themselves a new favorite workout or a new workout buddy!

3) Monthly Hands-on Workshops 

Being busy professionals, your team members might have lost touch with their artistic sides. When was the last time they completed an art piece? Probably a really long time ago. Take this chance and bring your team on a hands-on experience! Go for workshops such as pottery, Batik Painting, Cocktail making and more. Psst… you can even learn how to flip your own prata at Upper Thomson or Sixth Avenue at only SGD$20 per pax!

Workshop: It’s Clay Day! 
Location: Lorong Tawas in Jurong East
Price: SGD $35-$60 per pax (depending on your choice of activity)
Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Workshop: Get Creative with Batik! 
Location: Near Goodman Road
Price: SGD $20 per pax
Duration: 2 hours

Workshop: Cocktail Masterclass & DIY Session! 
Location: CHIJMES, Victoria Street (Closest MRT: Cityhall)
Price: $50 (Min. 10 pax)
Duration: 2.5 hours

4) Monthly Potluck Session

Now, we all know that food brings people together. A single potluck session is never enough especially when we have more than one dish that we want to share. Organize monthly potluck sessions! Be it in the office or in someone else’s home, showcase your best dish for your team members to enjoy and have a hearty meal together!

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