Meaningful Teambuilding Activities in Singapore

1) Manage your own coffee shop

Ever wanted to throw your corporate 9-5 away for a chance at owning your own hawker stall? Here is your chance!

At Dignity Kitchen, your team gets the opportunity to learn the ups and downs of managing a hawker stall. Whip up local dishes under the guidance of Dignity Kitchen's trainers and serve your dishes to the elderly! Elderly are often left alone to fend for themselves in their silver years. Take part in this act of kindness and make a difference to the society with your team! 

2) Do Batik Painting

Working professionals are often occupied with work and have no time to develop their artistic sides. Batik painting is the art of decorating a piece of cloth using wax and dye. Traditional tools such as the tjanting is used to draw the desired patterns. 

Not only does your team get to unleash their creativity during batik painting. Communication is also encouraged as your team discuss about colours, designs, new painting techniques and more!

Check out the lovely designs done by Proctor & Gamble at their latest teambuilding organized by Culturally. 

Venue: Goodman Arts Center
Price: Get a quote here!

3) Go to the Night Safari!

When was the last time your team got in touch with nature? Probably a long time ago if they’re working hard day and night for the company.

Consider rewarding them by spending an evening in the wild! Start your evening with a tram ride where your team gets to see the home of the world’s most fascinating animals! Arrive at a secret campsite where your team gets to enjoy a four-course gourmet dinner. (Psst… there’s free flow wine!)

4) Make Prata!

Nothing beats learning how to make and eat your favorite food! Get your team to learn how to flip their own pratas!

At Casuarina Curry, you get to learn the industry kept secrets on how to slap and swing the dough in order to make the perfect pratas. Rest assured, this workshop is approved by the NEA (food safety regulatory board) in Singapore as all dough used in the workshop will not be ingested, and instead, you’ll get free professionally made free-flow prata done by Casuarina’s chefs at the end of the day! 

Compete in teams and get a workout in the process as we promise you, flipping prata isn’t as easy as the professionals make it look! 

Price: $22 (Min. 4 pax) - $20 (>10 pax) per pax
Location: Near Upper Thomson or Sixth Avenue

This list of inclusive activities are suitable for all genders, ages and physical sizes. Bookmark this page and use these activities for your next teambuilding day! 

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