How to plan the perfect Teambonding

Teambonding is a powerful way to increase cohesiveness in the workforce. It develops strong relationships and boosts employees' motivation thus leading to improved productivity! But how do we go about planning it? Here are 5 steps to guide you through!

#1: Gather your planning team

Find your planning committee! With a bigger team, delegating tasks and getting opinions will be a huge help in the planning process. While planning, you will find yourself bonding with your team too!

#2: Establish the purpose

What is the outcome that you want to achieve? Having a set goal ensures that all activities planned are catered towards it. There can be many goals - to increase creativity, improve relationships, boost team morale... So much more! It's up to your team to decide!

#3 Find the right venue

In a big city like Shanghai, there are plenty of venues for you to choose from. However, there are some pointers that your team should take into account!

  • Does the venue cater to your team size and choice of Teambonding activity?

  • Is it accessible? Is it Convenient?

  • Is it within your budget?

#4 Plan your activities & liaise! 

Here's the tricky part. The activities that you choose should be relevant to your purpose.

Not to fret. Here are some activities that are suitable for EVERYONE.

1. Dimsum workshop - Regardless of your age and physical condition, everyone gets to participate! I mean, who doesn’t like food?

2. Sing karaoke, play golf and relax at a bar all in one place! - With many activities to choose from, there’s no need to worry that your team will get bored!

3. Make pottery! - Encourage your team to be artistic and bring unique art pieces home! 

At Culturally, we provide a one-stop concierge service where all you have to do is send us your desired goals, the number of attendees, budget and date and we will recommend a whole series of activities for you!

Through us, you do not have to worry about #3 and #4!

#5 Send out your invitations

With the above set, you are now ready to send out your invitations! Make sure everyone gets a WeChat or Email Invite and receive reminders right before the Teambonding day in case it gets forgotten! On the Teambonding day, ask for all employees to leave their job titles out the door, encourage participation and let loose for the day!

•     •     •

At Culturally, we customize various options suitable for your company. Book your Culturally experience here!