How to Develop Your Team Through Team Building

This 2018 survey of 5,000 professionals by the Korn Ferry Institute found that the top reason people seek a new job is boredom. Another one-third of respondents leave to seek new challenges. Only 19 percent said their top priority was for a higher salary.

The solution? Develop your people, so that they are always learning and growing. But how do you do so in an engaging way so they don’t get bored? One-on-one meetings might be essential, but team building is just as important and arguably, much more efficient. 

Here we have some examples of certain traits you might want to develop in your team, as well as corresponding team building activities!


Some say that creativity is a trait that can only be nurtured, and cannot be taught. We can take courses to understand algebra, but there are few that teach a person how to be creative. One effective way to accomplish this? Engage in a creative activity!

Here at Culturally, we love pottery as a team building activity! Chances are, no one in your team is a pottery expert, so everyone starts out at the same level. For a few hours in Lorong Tawas, the team learns the art of pottery making and how to shape clay into a usable vessel. Everyone becomes an artist and makes creative decisions on the shape, size, textures and colours of their pieces!

Have your team vote on each other’s pieces and give recognition for the pottery pieces that show the most creativity. At the end of the day, everyone gets a memento that they can use or display in the office to inspire more creativity in the workplace! Find out more about this workshop here.


Your team might interact with each other almost everyday, but do they work effectively together? 

One of the industries that places the most focus on teamwork is the food industry. Everyone needs to be working on the same timetable to deliver a fantastic meal. And that’s why cooking is such a great team building activity for teamwork – it creates an opportunity for team members across different departments to gather and achieve a common goal! See our cooking workshops here.


When a team kicks off a new project, team members usually work individually to advance the project. There’s a great deal of individual work to build on the entire team’s efforts, and everyone has to trust one another to keep their project moving forward.

One great activity to build trust is through volunteering. There are many local charities that need support, so lend a helping hand and make a difference as a team! Apart from fostering a sense of camaraderie, volunteering also helps create new motivation and perspectives as your employees see the world through other people’s eyes. 

•     •     •

Hopefully the ideas we’ve shared will inspire you in your next teambuilding activity. Click here to find out how Culturally can make the complex end-to-end process fuss-free. And stay tuned for our next article, where we will cover more traits that you can foster in your team through team building activities!