How to Conduct Affordable Team Building Effectively Like Us

To dispel Monday blues, the Culturally team decided to conduct the team building day on a Monday, this got me feeling super excited, energized and motivated for the rest of the week!

12PM: Team Lunch
We went to Timbre+ located at Ayer Rajah Crescent and had a hearty lunch. Personally, I believe that food not only allows me to feel satiated but having food together is a shared experience that connects people. Having lunch with my team is my favorite part of the day (it’s not just about the food alright!) as we get to learn more about one another!

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As avid Singaporean foodies, all of us got our favourite hawker dishes - Bak Chor Mee (I got this with loads of vinegar), Hokkien Mee, Laksa and more…

5PM: Can You Flip Prata?
The Culturally team got off work early and attended our most popular prata flipping workshop. Our prata chef, Babullah was generous with his teaching and shared many trade secrets with us 😉. After much practice, I am now confident when it comes to sharing prata knowledge with my family and friends!

Culturally’s other intern, Hayley was determined to flip out the best prata ever

Price: $20 (>10 pax) - $22 (Min. 4 pax) per pax
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Near Upper Thomson or Sixth Avenue
Workshop link here!

Flipping prata isn’t easy, but eating prata definitely is! The workshop includes UNLIMITED prata and teh/kopi excluding Ice Cream Prata and Plaster Blaster. (Honestly speaking, I’m sure eating the prata was what everyone was most looking forward to.)

 Our 1st round of orders

I’m not exactly sure how much prata we had. But I did a breakdown (below) with the pratas that I could remember (Well… I blame food coma!). How much prata can YOU eat?

From $22/pax to $16/pax, whether it’s worthy or not, you decide!

7PM: Netflix
After a series of voting for our favourite movies and TV series, the team decided on the Black Museum episode of Black Mirror. I’ve never watched Black Mirror but heard rave reviews about it. I was looking forward to starting the movie ASAP! 

Oh, all a movie screening session requires is a projector, a laptop, awesome companions and you are set

We ended our simple team building day as a tight knit team! Would love to do this again! Share some of your favorite teambuilding activities below? I’ll be planning our next one soon!

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