How Team Building Activities Actually Build the Team, and Tips to Ensure It Does For A Long Time!

We all know that team building activities are supposed to build and motivate the team. But how much do team building activities actually help? Exactly how effective are they? Before we dive into that, what makes a great team?

A great team is one where members are able to communicate with one another effectively and share ideas freely, spurring their creativity further. It is also one where the team is able to work together efficiently, towards the goals of the company.

Good and effective team building activities place the team in situations where they are motivated to talk, think and compete (healthily) with one another. It also increases engagement and boosts their loyalty to the company.

Team building activities provide an opportunity for the team to hang out and spend time together, which is a great way to deepen their relationships with one another. Some activities also require teams to work together to solve problems, which helps them develop problem-solving skills as well as learn to work in a team more efficiently. 

However, not all team building activities are foolproof and will definitely produce your desired outcome. It requires understanding the dynamics of your team (major KUDOS to HR directors!) and finding out what works for your team. Here are some tips that will help your team building activity be a successful and fulfilling one!

Ensuring good feelings and outcomes last

Team building activities cannot just be a one-time event where the team learns about one another, have fun together and then forget. Having them feel great even after the activity will help them feel engaged at work even long after. This way, productivity will increase in the long run and aid with success at work.

Keep practicing!

After team building events, it is often common to see employees return back to their old ways of working back at the office. It is important to ensure the spirit - all that problem-solving skills and team camaraderie discovered - is still being practiced. Constantly have short team building exercises in office that emphasises on the importance of teamwork. This will ultimately help them incorporate these skill sets into work!

Actionable plans to improve

Team building activities often come with goals that can help improve the team or the company in the long run. However, it is crucial to have actionable, achievable goals - such as gaining new knowledge about something or a new skill. Goals like hitting higher quotas are goals that are dependent on outside factors, which can be demoralising if not achieved. With achievable goals in place, the team will be more motivated to work and improve themselves as well as the company!

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