The Most Popular Team Bonding Activities in Singapore!

Every company should know by now the importance of having a closely-knitted team that has members who complement one another. To build a team where fellow members feel comfortable with one another is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. The first step to gel a team is through team bonding activities! So, what activities are good for team bonding? Read on to find out some of the most popular team bonding activities among Singaporeans!


Have employees that have too much energy to spare? Paintball is an extreme sport where players compete in teams to eliminate the other using paintball guns. Teams will be required to strategise and work together in order to win. This will reinforce the idea of working in a team. This workout for employees will also feel very refreshing as compared to sitting in the office all day. The adrenaline and excitement of being on the fields and (friendly) shooting one another will definitely bond the team together.

Paintball Venues: Red Dynasty Paintball Park - With two branches located in Bukit Timah and Yishun, Crossfire Paintball - Held off the Jurong West.

Whip up some local delights (like prata)

Cooking is a good activity that boosts communication within the team. And with Singapore being a food paradise, choices are limitless. This is a much cheaper alternative compared to all the pricier options of team bonding activities out there! Perhaps try getting the team excited over flipping some pratas. Being Singaporeans, we all love this piece of oily yet crispy goodness. However, not many of us have had the opportunity to make our own prata! In this Culturally workshop held off the street of Sixth Avenue, learn the various techniques to making different prata versions (egg, plain, banana etc.) To spice it up even more, the team can split into smaller teams and compete on making the best prata! Every member gets unlimited prata and teh or kopi to eat after. 

Price: a shiok $20/ pax only!

Escape from (more 😉) worries

An escape room may seem overrated but it is actually one of the easiest ways to build the team. There are many different escape rooms in Singapore that will be able to cater towards varied team cultures. In an escape room, players are locked up in a room and they will have to rack their brains to find clues to help them all escape. Throughout the process, the team will learn to listen to one another’s ideas and work better as a team!

Escape Room Options: In the central of Singapore in Peace Centre - Lost , Along Penang Road, also in the central part of Singapore - Captivate Escape Room, Located in the south near Harbourfront - The Escape Artist.


Not everyone in the office can drive? Go-karting solves this issue entirely! With this engaging activity, everyone can feel the adrenaline rush of being an F1 racer. This team building activity can be spiced up even more - form teams to compete against one another! A friendly competition is bound to break all walls between employees and employers and bond the team together. This activity will definitely be one that is talked about back in the office for a long time.

Go-Karting Options: With outlets in both Jurong and Kranji KF1 Karting has got you covered. Located in Bukit Timach - The Karting Arena.

Exquisite cocktail tasting

Have employees that prefer chilling? Perhaps the idea of drinking during working hours will entice them! Learning about the different styles of gin and tonic that is used to make various cocktails can be a very enriching experience. There’s even a whisky appreciation workshop you can bring the team for! And the team bonding element in this? The team will get to make and try one another’s favourite cocktails. How intimate is that! Not sure where to find such activities? Look no further

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The Most Popular Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

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