Care Packages for Your Friends Working From Home

Even with the many love languages out there, no one hates receiving gifts from their loved ones. We all know how hard it is to work from home, with so many distractions and the blatant lack of motivation. Seize the day and love on a friend with a handpicked gift (we’ve made it a whole lot easier for you, you’re welcome)! In fact, you can kill two birds with one stone by ordering from local businesses. That’s right, #supportlocal. 

1. The Foodie Friend

Tourists may grow sick of the same old tourist attractions, but they’ll never stop longing for our tasty food. Same goes for our friends who still have their 3 meals as they work from home! Here 

are some snacks or meals that will satisfy their cravings. Happy tummy, happy life.

$20: Ice cream from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co

With a wide variety of flavours including locally inspired ones like Onde Onde, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co has a high chance of making your friends feel loved. Yes, even those with dietary requirements!(Dairy-free and vegan options are available). All their pints are $12.90, and delivery is $8 unless orders are above $80. Psst…Wendy’s favourite flavour is earl grey so if her friends are reading this, you know what to do.

Source: The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

$50: Burgers from Project Warung

Struggling to find halal food for your Muslim friends? Project Warung has a plethora of meaty burgers and side dishes that make a wholesome meal. Spend $30 and above to get free delivery. Oh yes, here’s a tip: if you are ordering a meal size gift for your friend, let them know beforehand so that no food is wasted! #savetheearth

Source: Project Warung

$100: Gin from Spiffy Dapper

Get your friend a 1 bottle/ month subscription, where a bottle of gin is delivered to their homes for their enjoyment. They can choose gin and tonics, negronis, martinis, gin old fashioneds and the like. Goodbye to boring nights alone. (Did you know? We also offer a G&T Masterclass on Culturally - buy a gift voucher for the friend who prefers to experience it hands-on)

Source: Spiffy Dapper

2. The Crafty Friend

Who says that craft is only for children? We all have that one friend constantly found in a pile of craft materials, and we have a list of care packages that will make them really, really happy.

Source: Giphy

$20: Leather Animal Charm DIY kit from Hides & Thread ($25)

With the very same Saffiano leather Prada uses, give your friend a taste of that high SES lifestyle with these unique animal charms. When you hang out, both of you can even have twinning ones!

Source: Hides & Thread

$50: #STAYHOMU wooden jewellery DIY kit from Studio MU/YU ($40)

Using upcycled wood, make elegant wooden jewellery with your bestie! Take photos of your video calls with these matching jewellery and tag us on social media.

Source: MU/YU

$100: Rubber Stamp-Making Creative Starter Kit by Drool Stamps ($97.75)

With this comprehensive kit, your friend will be able to create their own rubber stamp. Who knows, you may even receive a card with their customised stamp in the future!

Source: Drool Stamps

3. The Meditative Friend

As James Allen once said, “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” One can have busy hands while having a restful mind and heart. These products make it a little easier for your friends to reach such a place.

$20: Journal from The Kind Friend ($30)

Here’s a personal recommendation from Jacin! Journaling is one of the best ways to bring clarity to your mind, especially when the hustle can be stressful. With weekly templates, gentle reminders and empty space, this journal is the perfect gift from a kind friend (pun intended).

Source: The Kind Friend

$50: Candle jars from Candles of Light ($53.90)

Limited edition terrazzo candle jars are the perfect gift for your friends who love to meditate in a room filled with calming scents. After finishing the candle, these gorgeous jars can be upcycled to store your stationery or bouquets!

Source: Candles of Light

$100: Essential oils from Mmerci Encore ($107)

For the friend who texts you at 3am complaining they can’t fall asleep, these essential oils will help them to breathe a little better and be more relaxed. 

Source: Mmerci Encore

4. The #Healthyliving Friend

At the end of the day, the greatest wealth is health. Be it in the form of healthy eating or exercise, this circuit breaker can’t stop us from prospering in such a manner.

$20: Snackbox from Boxgreen ($29.90)

Have a friend who prefers healthy snacks over guilty pleasures? Boxgreen’s variety box contains 12 snacks, with 4 varieties of sweet and savoury to appeal to many different palates. Examples include Sun-Dried Apricots, Peri Peri Lime Soya Crisps etc. Yum.

Source: Mitsueki

$50: Credits from Classpass

We all have that one friend who only started exercising during circuit breaker. This is the perfect gift to ensure sustainability of that healthy lifestyle - credits for different Classpasses you can attend with your friends after this period.

Source: ClassPass

$100: Yoga mat from Lululemon ($94.69)

Have a friend who plans on doing yoga at home? This reversible yoga mat is just the thing that protects them from somersaulting through the air unintentionally. And what’s more, it has an antimicrobial additive which prevents mould and mildew! Here we see fitness and hygiene go hand-in-hand.

Source: Lululemon

Maybe you’ve read the entire article, yet lack the budget to buy any of the items listed above. It isn’t the time to feel bad; here’s a free option that we really love as well - handwritten letters sent via snail mail! “It’s the thought that counts” isn’t a cliche if it makes your friend feel loved. After this tough period ends, may we step out of it confident that we never stopped loving.

Source: Giphy

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