5 Cost-Effective On-Site Team Building Activities

Team building does not happen overnight. Similar to how it takes years of practice to master a skill, team building should be cultivated as a habit. Beyond one-off team building activities, short 5-minute games and activities are the ones that will make all the difference. Short activities are easy to conduct, and can be done anywhere - even in office! Here are 5 inexpensive team building activities for teams of different dynamics!

The Handshake Challenge

Quick, creative and fun, this activity will create deeper bonds amongst the team. Do it right and it will bring waves of laughter to a boring midday at work!

How to play: Amongst the team, split into pairs. In each pair, spend a given amount of time (say, 10 minutes) on creating and practising a handshake that is unique to themselves. Afterwards, have each pair show their chemistry through the handshake they created. The most creative handshake wins!

Circle of Appreciation

Is your team currently working on a huge project? A way to keep them motivated and productive is recognising their efforts and strengths. However, such recognition may come off very forced if all praise come from team superiors only. Hearing from one anothers’ fellow teammates can provide comfort to a team of stressed individuals!

 How to play: Sit the team down in a circle. Get each individual to share something appreciative and encouraging about the person next to them. Have superiors join in to bond with everyone. This session is bound energise everyone on the team and keep them working harder!

Eye Contact Game

Is your team newly formed? Eye contact can help make or break a relationship. This activity is the quickest and simplest way to forge bonds within the team. One may immediately feel much closer and more comfortable to their partner than before. However, not all may enjoy this intimate process, but it still is a good exercise to suggest! 

How to play: Get the team in pairs - ideally individuals from different departments. Stare into each other’s eyes for a given amount of time (not less than 60 seconds). To heighten the difficulty, just increase the length of time! Up the stakes by challenging everybody not to laugh!

Sentimental gift-giving

Gift-giving is a good way to show appreciation. Handmade gifts are more sentimental and hold much more value. So how about a combination of both? Organize a session where members of your team take time off to make something on their own and gift it to their fellow teammate! This team building activity kills multiple birds with one stone. Not only does the team get to pick up a new skill, they get to relax and at the same time, forge deeper bonds with one another.

How to play: Each team member draws lots to decide on their “appreciation partner”. Make something sentimental that could work as encouragement or a way of reaching out to them! Not sure what the team can make on-site at a low cost? 

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Take Your Coworker to Work Day

Want to build relationships across departments? This activity can not only achieve that, but also let your team switch up a day at work whilst learning more about the operations of the company! Who knows, this might even ignite some new ideas that can bring the company forward.

This is more tricky to work out, but here’s how to play: Each team member picks a team member from another department they are interested to learn more about. Follow the chosen team member and experience their work lives for a day!

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