4 Unique & Effective Team Building Activities That Will Definitely Fall Within Budget

Many know of team building activities as a great way to improve relationships between team members - which ultimately can bring about numerous other positive effects. Not only can team building strengthen the bond of a team, it can also be a platform for employees to learn more about their company and the significance of their roles.

Here are 4 simple activities that will help build and equip your team with skills and knowledge. 

Ice Breaker: Penny for Thoughts

For a start, ice breaker games can help loosen up the atmosphere in the office. If you’re currently onboarding some new employees, this would be a great game to get them to open up to the team. Such activities create a comfortable working environment for them, where they can feel free to share the thoughts and opinions. Older employees can also feel engaged as they get to know their new colleagues.

Materials needed: coins, a box or bucket
What to do: Gather some coins and put them in the box. Line up and get each team member to draw a coin. With each coin that they get, have them share something from their lives that happened in the year the coin was minted. This can be anything from a memorable moment to something significant that happened. This offers an opportunity for team members to share as well as opens up future conversations. Be sure to check that the year listed on every coin is not older than the youngest member of the team. 

Ice Breaker and Strategic Activity: Group Outline

This game fosters a shared bond within the team to the company, especially for teams with wider age gaps. This also works especially well for companies that have a long history and are more well established. Team members will feel more engaged to and see themselves as a part of the company. 

Materials needed: a pinboard, pins, paper, pens
What to do: Draw a blank timeline on the pinboard and date it back to the year the company was founded. Add years to the timeline for important company dates and pin them onto the timeline. Get team members to think about and write down events that happened in their life. Pin those on the timeline along with the significant company events. Prepare to be amazed seeing every team members’ lives embedded within the company’s.

Problem Solving Activity: The Barter Puzzle

Curious to see how the team will discuss issues and suss out one another under pressure? Put them in a difficult situation and see what happens! This activity forges teamwork amongst the groups and allows their negotiation skills to shine as individuals. It is also an opportunity for team leaders to identify potential leaders in the group.

Materials needed: sets of puzzles depending on number of groups
What to do: Divide the team into groups of 4 or 5. Give each group a different jigsaw puzzle with pieces scrambled and mixed with the other groups’. Explain to the team that their pieces are all scattered amongst the different groups. The first group that fixes the jigsaw puzzle wins! Leave the groups to barter and get their hands on the puzzle pieces that they need. You’ll see management skills utilised, some role assigning, and maybe even creative ways of bartering such as trading team members. 

Developing Creativity: Movie Directing

Creativity is a skill that has to be spurred. Constantly challenging yourselves to think and create is one way. Take it to another level and get the team to create something they may not be familiar with - a film. 

Materials needed: pieces of papers, pens
What to do: Divide the team into groups of 3 or 4, assign them a film genre by random. Give each group 20 minutes to come up with a story, characters and short script for a short 5-minute film of their assigned genre. Have them act it out to everyone. You will be awed by how crazy the stories can get! Easy enough, right?

Of course, there are many more team building activities out there that can help your team members find their belonging in the company. And with any activity that you choose, be sure of the goals and know what you want to achieve at the end of the day - and have a great time!

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