4 Indoor Team Building Activities in Singapore!

Who says you can't have fun indoors? Indoor team building activities are a fantastic, weatherproof way to bring your people together, foster relationships and strengthen communication between team members. Especially since it's the monsoon season in Singapore, we've put together some of our favourite options and ideas for great indoor team building!

Board Games Day

When you hear 'board games', your first thoughts might be something like Monopoly, Cluedo or Snakes & Ladders. But these are classic, old school games, and board games have come a long way since then! Today's games are much more diverse, complex, and will see you and your teammates rescuing each other from a burning building, identifying spies, or running a good 'ol heist.

Pandemic is a cooperative board game that is great as a team building activity! The premise is that you are up against four diseases that have broken out and are threatening to wipe out earth's population. Together, you have to save the planet! Do you see how it's a great activity to foster cooperation and camaraderie?

Corporate Project Runway

Taking a cue from the famous TV show, this fashion show game might just be the perfect way to inject some fun energy into your group along with some belly laughs! Split into small teams to design, sketch and create three different looks – a daytime look, evening look and high fashion look – all put together from a wild assortment of recyclable materials! 

This weird and wonderful corporate fashion show will come complete with marketing pitches from each team, along with a catwalk show to provide the big finish. Prepare some prizes and have your own management team pick the winning fashion line! Not sure what would make a meaningful prize? Why not gift them a Culturally experience? Workshop vouchers are available at a discounted rate! Contact us to find out more :)

Movie Marathon

I used to do this twice a year with my CCA group back when I was studying in Singapore, and it's something me and my teammates would look forward to every time! We would push aside all the tables and chairs, put a lush carpet on the ground, bring in our own snacks, pillows and even a sleeping bag if we wanted to get extra comfy! Then simply connect a laptop to the classroom projector and press play!

One might ask, 'How does watching movies together count as team building?' Movies are actually a great way to connect people on an emotional level, and for many years they have been used by great coaches and managers to instill values that they wish to develop in their team. So set aside a day where your company can gather, get comfortable and watch a movie (or two) together!

Screen Printing

Want to nurture creative thinking instead? How about an artisanal activity? Learn the fun and magical process of screen printing! In this workshop, you and your team will use Peranakan tile designs to create your very own unique fabric artwork. From using wooden screen frames and mounting a stencil, to mixing various types of fabric paints in order to achieve a unique shade, learn the different aspects of the screen printing process!

By the end of the day everyone will know how to produce their own screen prints at home, and walk away with two art pieces to boot! We love this activity for team building because it builds confidence and morale through that feeling of mastering a process you've never done before, and being able to say with pride, 'I did that!' This activity can also be done indoors at your office venue, anywhere in Singapore!

... it builds confidence and morale through that feeling of mastering a process you've never done before, and being able to say with pride, 'I did that!

Indoor team buildings have a bad rep of being more serious and formal than their outdoor counterparts, especially in Singapore. Indoor events might have a different flavour, but that's not to say that they are any less fun, or that they can't be casual or relaxed!

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Indoor team building activities Singapore

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