4 Affordable & Educational Team Building Activities

We don’t want our team members to stop learning. Continuous learning has many benefits - fobs off brain degenerative diseases, adds excitement into our lives, increases our knowledge and many more! Here are 4 affordable and educational team building activities for your team: 

#1 Tea Appreciation Workshop
Head to Tea Chapter located at Neil Road, the oldest tea house in Singapore that Queen Elizabeth once visited. Get to taste as well as learn about the history and benefits of 6 different types of tea - Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea (the Queen’s tea), Red Tea, Black Tea and Floral Tea. (Psst… tea snacks are provided!)

Be introduced to the Chinese tea set and learn how to brew your own tea! Bring home the techniques of tea brewing and showcase them to your visitors!

Private Class Price: $48 (Oolong Tea, Floral Tea & Pu'Er Tea) - $78 (all 6 teas)/pax (Min. 2 pax)
Location: Neil Road, Singapore (Closest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Duration: 2 Hours
Workshop: A Tea Chapter with Queen Elizabeth 
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#2 Batik Painting
Experience the art of Batik Painting at Kamal’s Artshop using traditional tools - specifically the tjanting. Be introduced to the history behind Batik and its cultural significance in today’s modern world.

“The class was engaging and Kamal was very patient with us newbies. Will be back again!” - a review by #rallyer Natasha

Get hands-on in this workshop located at Goodman Road where you’ll get to create your own unique batik piece after seeing a live demonstration by the instructor. Let your creative juices flow and produce your best art piece!

Public Class Price: $20/pax
Location: Near Goodman Road, Singapore (Closest MRT is Mountbatten)
Duration: 2 Hours
Workshop: Get Creative with Batik! 
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#3 Learn the Art of Furoshiki
With the rise of global warming, it’s time we play a part as active model citizens! Instead of using typical gift wrappers, learn the eco-friendly Japanese gift wrapping technique - Furoshiki, where cloth is used in place of paper to wrap gifts!

Upon completion of the workshop, bring home a piece of vintage fabric collected from the 1950s from our resident Peranakan instructor, and a gorgeous Peranakan tile magnet!

Public Class Price: $40/pax
Location: Peranakan Tile Gallery (Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer)
Duration: 1 Hour
Workshop: Learn the Art of Furoshiki (utm link)
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#4 Make Your Own Kopi (Coffee)
Not many of us are aware of how Singapore’s coffee (or kopi) culture came about. Go on a tour with one of Singapore’s most established Kopi manufacturers - Kim Guan Guan to understand their Kopi production process. You get to make your favourite variation (Kopi C Siu Dai? Teh C Ko Song? Any! It’s your call 😉) the traditional way, and learn what makes Kopi and Teh different from their Western counterparts!

Private Class Price: ONLY SGD$7/pax (Min. 4 pax)
Location: Near Defu Lane
Duration: 1 Hour
Workshop: Traditional Kopi Roasting 
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