Traditional 9 layer Nyonya Kueh and Ondeh Ondeh Appreciation

Private Class  ·   · Learn how to make traditional 9-layer Nyonya Kueh and Ondeh-Ondeh!

2 Hours
Peranakan Origin
Instructed in English, Chinese Mandarin
Min 5

About the workshop

What does Peranakan mean? The term Peranakan generally refers to people of mixed Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage. Many Peranakans trace their origins to 15th-century Malacca where their ancestors were thought to be Chinese traders who married local women. Peranakan males are known as babas while the females are known as nyonyas (or nyonyas).

So join in our Nyonya Kueh appreciation workshop, and learn to make the traditional 9-layer Nonya Kueh and Ondeh Ondeh! The 9 layer Nonya Kueh is made of 9 different coloured layers of Kueh whilst the Ondeh Ondeh is the Peranakan’s twist on the traditional Chinese dessert of “Tang Yuan”, made colder and coated with fresh coconut flakes!

Blackout Dates due to festival season: Dec-Feb and May-June.

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What you will experience

In this workshop, you will learn why Nyonya Kueh and Ondeh Ondeh are culinary items that are a combination of different Nanyang cultures - a melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western/European influences. You will learn the origins and influences of these beloved dishes as well as why they have evolved into the delicious desserts they are today!

Look forward to:
1. Learning how to make Ondeh Ondeh as you roll the dough and mould the fillings.
2. Receiving recipes to bring home
3. Learning the "right way" to consume the Ondeh Ondeh or 9 layer Nyonya Kueh and why!

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