Make Colourful Soup Dumplings and Jade Dumplings!

Public Class  ·  Learn to make pretty and colourful dumplings!

3 Hours
Chinese Origin
Instructed in English, Chinese Mandarin
Min 2
8 To 80

About the workshop

The Chinese people have enjoyed dumplings for centuries, and the food is a symbol of home and warmth. Without doubt, they are one of the most iconic dishes in Chinese cuisine, and are a staple in Chinese restaurants.

In this hands-on experience, learn to make Three-coloured Soup Dumplings or Jade Dumplings with different fillings!

What you will experience

In the Three-coloured Soup Dumplings workshop, you will learn to create three different types of dumplings and different fillings:
- White soup dumpling with pork filling (traditional soup dumpling/xiao long bao)
- Orange soup dumpling with chicken filling
- Green dumpling with luffa & shrimp filling

In the Jade Dumplings class, you will learn to create two different types of dumplings:
- Jade dumplings with minced pork filling
- Jade dumplings with Chinese chives and eggs

All ingredients are of the freshest quality and are well selected by your chef! Under professional guidance, you will start from creating your dough to make the perfect dumpling wrappers. Next, prepare the different fillings and get trade secrets on how to wrap the perfect dumplings! Cook and taste your own handmade creations, and enjoy it along with free homemade wine and tea!

Flexible Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Booking must be made 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Other Details

Please let a Culturally representative or Chef know before class begins if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions!


Note: Full workshop address will be included in booking confirmation email.