Calligraphy Workshop (Private)

Private Class  ·  Organise a private class on how to paint Chinese Calligraphy like a Master!

3 Hours
Chinese Origin
Instructed in English, Chinese Mandarin

About the workshop

Learn the intricate arts of China during a group calligraphy lesson, taught by a Chinese instructor (with English speaking translator) inside a traditional local Chinese Residence. Chinese calligraphy has a long history of thousands of years, evolving throughout time while maintaining a uniquely artistic charm.

During this 3 hour lesson, you will learn the proper way to use the brushes and liquid ink to write small seal script (Chinese: 小篆, Pinyin: xiǎozhuàn), formerly romanized as Hsiao-chuan and also known as Seal Script, Lesser Seal Script and Qin Script (Chinese: 秦篆, Pinyin: Qínzhuàn), an archaic form of Chinese calligraphy, as your instructor demonstrates how to begin and end each stroke. You will be introduced to a number of tools used, including brushes that come in a variety of materials. Finally, create your artistic composition, which requires concentration as you paint characters on the paper. After your lesson, you can take your work home with you!

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What you will experience

• Understand the basics of Chinese Calligraphy history
• Be introduced to the tools of the trade: ink, brush and paper
• Learn to write small seal script with brushstrokes and ink
• Enjoy a 3-hour Chinese cultural experience in Shanghai
• Bring home your artistic work!

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Flexible Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge 3 days before the scheduled start time.

Booking must be made 3 days before the scheduled start time.


Note: Full workshop address will be included in booking confirmation email.