Roots of Gin in old Malaya

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2 Hours
Colonial Origin
Instructed in English
Ages 18 And Above

About the workshop

Did you know that the gin and tonic was created in old Malaya by colonial soldiers to ward against malaria? Very few people know that the ubiquitous combination originated in the jungles of Malaya - This workshop will take you through how necessity created a cocktail and how popularity took the drink very far away from its roots. Finally, we will learn how the modern craft movement bought the drink back to the philosophy of the original drink.

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What you will experience

1) You will taste three very different styles of gin with 5 different types of tonic waters.
2) Once you choose your favourite from each pairing, the bartenders will take you through the steps of making (you) a full gin and tonic of your preferred pairing.
3) Finally, you will get to garnish your drink with botanicals of your choice to complete your perfect G&T.
4) Your personal Goodie Bag to bring home!

At the end of this experience, you will have learned how to:
1) Make great gin and tonics at home.
2) Garnish your drinks well
3) Get the right ingredients to make great gin and tonics.

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