Get creative with Batik!

Public Class  ·   · Experience the traditional art of Batik Painting in our open workshop!

2 Hours
Indonesian Origin
Instructed in English, Malay
Ages 9 And Above

About the workshop

In this workshop, students get to experience the traditional art of Batik Painting using traditional tools such as the tjanting (see pictures!) to draw desired patterns. Batik is a traditional wax technique for fabric design that originated from Java and retains its popularity today as an interesting medium for contemporary painting.

Participants of the workshop will be introduced to the history of batik relating to South East Asian heritage. Look forward to hands-on instruction on various traditional methods and be guided on the proper use of tools like the ‘tjanting’ and dyeing.

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Private classes at different times can be arranged at [email protected]

What you will experience

1. Introduction to Batik, tools and cultural significance
2. Demonstration on the use of tjanting
3. Guided help on creating your own batik piece
4. Practice and creation time!

Students get to bring home all batik works created in class :)

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Booking & Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, cancellation is not permitted for this workshop.

Booking must be made 12 hours before the scheduled start time.


Note: Full workshop address will be included in booking confirmation email.

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