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Australian Craft Beer Appreciation at Cheeky_allday

Private Class  ·   · Have a taste of local craft beer and learn about its history!

2 Hours
Global Origin
Instructed in English
Min 30
18 Years Old And Above

About the workshop

Rocky Ridge Brewing co. is a 5th generation family farm that believes in sustainability. It concentrates on sourcing the best and freshest local ingredients, producing and processing most of it on-site to create the best quality craft beer.

In this Craft Beer Appreciation Experience, #rallyers will learn about the history, styles, and production process of Rocky Ridge's popular beers. Learn about why certain beers were brewed, what to expect when drinking different styles of beer, and how best to appreciate different styles!

Remember to ask about Rocky Ridge’s homegrown hops, keen hills organic malt, Western Australia cultured yeast and how they “make” their very own rainwater!

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What you will experience

1. Receive an introduction to the history of Rocky Ridge’s family farm and how it began its craft beer production story.
2. Learn more about Rocky Ridge’s mission of not redefining craft beer, not reinventing the wheel, but to prove that local and Fresh is best.
3. Taste & savor 4-5 distinct beers from Rocky Ridge's popular collection. Learn about the different types of beer, what differentiates them in terms of ingredients, flavors, and method of making.
4. Leave a review and enjoy happy hour!

Note: Light bar snacks will be provided :)

Flexible Cancellation

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