East meets West Dessert Candle Making

Private Class  ·  Make delicious smelling and looking candles today!

2 Hours
Global Origin
Instructed in English, Chinese Mandarin
Ages 6 And Above

About the workshop

Candles have been used as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations for more than 5,000 years, yet little is known about their origin. The earliest use of candles is often attributed to the Ancient Egyptians, who made rushlights or torches by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat. (source).

In this hands-on creative workshop, we've married the creative and technical parts of candle making by introducing a new way to enjoy desserts without adding to your waistline! Whilst real desserts add flavor to your tastebuds, have your handmade candles add aromatic flavors to your personal space or bedroom while adding a funky flair with their delicious appearances.

Learn about the process of candle making, its history, Eastern/ Western desserts, and take back your final pieces in some seriously gorgeous gift wrapped boxes.

What you will experience

1. An introduction to the equipment and materials used in making handmade candles
2. Learn about the history, types of handmade candles as well as handle different creative candles that have been made!
3. Pick your preferred scent/ colour and start creating your take on macarons (the candle version!)
4. Create the candle version of a popular Nyonya (Peranakan) kueh: Ang Ku Kueh or Png Kueh (only 4 moulds of each kueh available)
5. Pack your delicacies up and bring them home to use/display!

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Flexible Cancellation

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