A Chinese Ceramics Experience! 陶艺DIY,一起玩艺术

Private Class  ·   · Explore the traditional art of Chinese ceramic and clay pottery!

2 To 4 Hours
Chinese Origin
Instructed in Chinese Mandarin

About the workshop

Ceramic Pottery is a traditional craft in China. It embodies the perfect combination of practicality and art, serving as a material good for everyday life as well as a product of artistic appreciation.

The ceramics we create are a mixture of kaolin soil, feldspar, quartz and so on, formed through a process of drying, glazing and baking. Shanghai Pottery Studio uses 高白泥 (Gao Bai Ni), a type of clay that results in a glossier and finer finish.

In this workshop, you can choose to experience just one or all three major parts of Chinese ceramic pottery – clay throwing, hand-building and coloured glazing. You can also choose to dive in deep into the art of Chinese ceramics with 10 sessions! Come practice, work on your pieces and receive expert guidance during the studio's operating hours*.

*10AM to 5PM, closed on Mondays and when there are events/activities

Planning a teambuilding or private event? Customized workshops are available! Learn more here!

What you will experience

1. Traditional Clay Throwing
2. Molding/Hand-building
3. Colored Glazing*

*If you reside in Shanghai, we welcome you back in 3 weeks after your project has gone through drying and baking, to put the finishing touches of coloured glaze on. If you are passing through Shanghai, we are happy to have you pick a ready-made off-the-shelf piece to experience glazing on the day of your workshop. All finished products can be brought home with you! :)

*Extra pieces can be made and fired at 100RMB per piece.

Flexible Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Booking must be made 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Other Details

China’s ceramic ware has remained famous all over the world for its long history, exquisite style, fine texture and rich beautification. While creating pottery is an art form that looks easy, it requires much skill in molding and throwing/ casting. Shanghai Pottery Studio hopes to create a space where contemporary meets traditional, and an oasis of heritage can be found amongst Shanghai’s bustling city.


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