Chocolate Crafting in Singapore

Private Class  ·   · Enjoy chocolate crafting with your loved one!

1.5 To 2 Hours
Global Origin
Instructed in English
Min 2
Ages 7 And Above

About the workshop

Contrary to popular belief, Chocolate was originally a term for “bitter water”, which was derived from the Aztec word “Xocoatl” (pronounced: sho-KWA-til ). For centuries, cocoa beans were often used in the preparation of drinks and traditional rituals, and traded for valuable items. However, the decadent sweet chocolate delicacies we know today only came about in 1847— the creation of the world’s first chocolate bar.

As a home-grown local brand, Lemuel Chocolate prides itself in acquiring cocoa beans from all over the world through sustainable sources, handcrafting these bars meticulously through the bean-to-bar process. Through this workshop, you will learn about the age-old bean-to-bar chocolate making process and take a tour around Lemuel Chocolate’s factory. Immerse yourself in the creation of 12 artisanal truffles and customise your very own chocolate bark. At the end of the workshop, you and your loved one can bring home all of your handcrafted goodies to savour!

What you will experience

1. Enjoy a Factory Tour and an Introduction to Lemuel Chocolate, a home-grown Singaporean bean-to-bar chocolate brand.
2. Learn about the bean-to-bar making process, how it’s evolved through time as well as how Lemuel Chocolate has adapted this process to use for their own scale.
3. Participants get creative in painting/ decorating their own personalised chocolate bark, which will be packaged for them to bring home
4. Each participant will also get hands-on in making 2 flavours (6 pieces of each flavour) of truffles and take home the box of 12 they have made.
5. Take photos with your delicious products and tag #DoItWithCulturally and #LemuelChocolate!

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, cancellation is not permitted for this workshop.

Booking must be made 3 days before the scheduled start time.

Other Details

Please comment on the check-out page if you have any allergies of dietary restrictions. Lemuel Chocolate is not halal-certified but are muslim-friendly, as we don't use any alcohol or pork-products!


Note: Full workshop address will be included in booking confirmation email.