Batik Painting with Ika

Public Class  ·  Get hands-on in learning about traditional batik painting!

1 Hour
Indonesian Origin
Instructed in English

About the workshop

Workshop Date & Time:
 • Sun, 23 Nov, 3:00pm
 • Sun, 24 Nov, 3:00pm

In this practical and hands-on workshop, Artist Mr Ika Zahri will be introducing one of Southeast Asia's oldest forms of traditional art: Batik painting. Learn basic techniques, such as the single application of wax onto fabric or multiple applications of wax combined with application of colors to create beautiful and intricate designs.

Batik is a unique and exotic form of art. If you love creativity and appreciate beauty, this batik is workshop is for you!

About the artist:
Having grown up seeing his father, Mr. Sarkasi Said, a respectable and renowned international batik artist in Singapore, do art pieces of great beauty, Ika Zahri, has made his humble progress into the Singapore art scene as well as the international one. He studied batik from his father and has since been exhibiting his own works at various exhibitions. His art pieces have been showcased in the Inspiration Art Exhibition at Substation, New York Art Expo in New York City (USA) and the first Mendaki Charity Exhibition.

What you will experience

1. Learn simple waxing using the traditional batik painting instrument: the tjanting
2. Learn how to apply wax and coloring onto cotton material (30 x 40cm) to create your own unique piece of art. you can bring home.

Note:This workshop will only be confirmed when we have a minimum of 8 sign-ups. Full refunds will be given if the minimum sign-up is not met. Tell all your friends and family!

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