Why Team Building Is An Investment, Not A Splurge

Spending on corporate team building has always been a dilemma. Over 1 billion articles on Google tell you the benefits of team building, but these benefits are more often than not, intangible. In the age of big data and statistics, results are everything. Yet, how is one to measure the happiness of employees, and the role it plays in improving productivity in the workplace? There are just so many factors that can affect an employee’s performance.

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In the end, it all comes down to what team building does. It builds company culture.  

“Companies that cut costs by short-changing culture may just be sacrificing their futures to scale the next quarter’s results.” - Lars Björk, former CEO of QlikTech

And it’s true. Take a look at some of the most successful publicly traded tech companies, and you will notice that they have great company culture — just look at Google (they get over 3 million job applications a year). With the pandemic and what-not, cost-cutting seems to be top priority for many companies. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of the company’s culture. Employee loyalty itself is a tangible measure of how good the corporate culture is, and what better way to boost loyalty than to make employees love their job?

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Team building is an important platform for the higher-ups to convey how the company views each employee. Think motivational posters on cubicle walls promote a supportive culture? It shows you couldn’t care to appreciate the employee in-person. Using team building to build company culture may be a long process, but it is also personal. 

Getting to know who you work for, experiencing first-hand the work culture—is it casual, friendly, caring?—and being rewarded for hard work can help an employee feel involved, not ignored. Building an inclusive and engaging corporate culture through fun and novel team building is very much needed.

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Culture defines a company’s identity and brand. You can see it from the pride that employees have when they work or speak about the company. How others view your company is even more telling. Team building pulls people to innovate, to set goals for the company to achieve together, and to feel a sense of unity. Team building builds culture, culture defines brands and consumers buy brands. 

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Team building, ultimately, builds a brand culture in which every employee, every day, believes he or she can make a difference in the company’s course. And you can put monetary value on that. An experienced employee that stays saves money that may be spent on hiring and training new ones, is way more efficient and can be trusted with greater responsibilities. Investing in team building pays, and often much more than it costs.

Culture is what paves the way for higher revenue in the future and most definitely, should not be neglected. Culture needs to be conveyed, and is best built, person-to-person.

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