The Ultimate Checklist For A Virtual Team Building During COVID-19

COVID-19 can be summarized in one word — restrictive. I know, I know, you must be thinking of other words like chaotic, or even depressing. But with all the lockdowns and regulations put in place for social distancing, the pandemic was nothing short of inhibiting.

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Group sizes of not more than eight, masks on every time of the day, and with most outdoor activities put on pause, just how will the team bond? To that, we propose virtual team building! A change in times calls for a change in plans. Why not shift the usual team building sessions online?

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Planning a team building session during normal times is already tricky, just think about all the added difficulties during a pandemic. Are you sure that’s still necessary? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Just tick all the boxes on this ultimate checklist for a virtual team building session, and stand to benefit plenty from team building — which is all the more needed during these trying times!

1. Set goals

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It is often difficult to find a suitable activity for team building sessions when you are not sure of what you want to gain from them! Given that most of the team works remotely during the pandemic, a useful goal would be to keep the team connected and encourage communication, even when they don’t see each other in-person. Also, the virtual team building session can be a way to show that the company cares for each and every individual, providing support for all members of the team. 

List a few intended outcomes you wish to achieve and plan your virtual team building from there!

2. Determine a budget

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Some activities can cost thousands, while some only costing hundreds. It all depends on the number of people and the frequency of the sessions. On the bright side, virtual team building means there is no need to spend on booking a location, transport or meals (better yet, choose an activity that already includes food!). Yes! More money for exciting activities!

3. Choose an activity!

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Virtual team building activities can be a whole new world from the usual sports and games conducted outdoors. Think virtual batik art jam or carpentry in the comfort of your own home!

You don’t have to plan your own virtual activities, let us do it instead! Check out Culturally’s full list of virtual experiences you can consider here.

4. Time?

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Try to organise team building sessions during office hours, so as to maximise participation! If that is not possible, do make sure that everyone is on board with the proposed date and time. Another way is to offer the team time off for taking up their free time!

5. Invite people

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Time to make sure the whole team is on the guest list! Make a list of who should attend and keep track of those that are attending, so that you know how much the entire event will cost and prepare enough logistics. 

6. Coordinate logistics

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It is important to make sure that every member of the team can attend the team building session virtually. Check if anyone has problems accessing Zoom, and offer those without a computer access to the desktops in the office instead! Depending on what activities you choose to have, activity materials may need to be sent to members of the team beforehand.

With Culturally, activity kits for every workshop will be sent to confirmed addresses before each session. All you have to do is sit back and have a good time!

7. Prepare icebreakers for Zoom

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While waiting for team members to join the call, or simply to get the team building session off to a good start, engage the team with icebreakers. You won’t want any awkward silence while waiting for people to connect! Some ideas include a virtual room tour, or a social distancing bingo (Made dalgona coffee? Took up baking? Binged an entire series? Bingo!).

8. Take lots of photos

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Don’t forget to take zoom selfies or wefies! It is definitely good to have photos to remember the experience by and they double up as media collateral for the company too. Haven’t posted on LinkedIn for a while? We’ve got you! 


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For the virtual team building session to be successful, you have to check this off the list. Ask the team if they enjoyed the session and get their feedback to plan an even better team building experience the next time round.

Have you ticked all the boxes to this ultimate checklist? When planning a virtual team building session, don’t forget to consider all of the factors above, especially that last point! If you are worried that the team may dread team building sessions, read our tips on how to organise a not-so-boring team building session during COVID-19.

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