Shop Culturally, really?

Perhaps you are the average Singaporean trying to stay sane during this Circuit Breaker, scrambling for things to occupy your mind with just like this blog article (good choice!). In the midst of all the bad news going around, we have a piece of good news for you - we are launching a new online store, Shop Culturally!

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“Siao! Circuit breaker sell what?!?!” Nope, we aren’t selling Culturally toilet paper or ramen. Instead, we will be sharing with you some local brands who are still offering experiences from home, via D.I.Y kits! This is to thank and help our dear CAs who have faithfully worked to bring our wonderful workshops online all this while.

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In addition to DIY kits, we’ve also curated items (e.g. gorgeous Peranakan teapot sets from Thow Kwang that do not require any effort on your end, thankfully.)

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Listing some of our current favourites, the first one is a phone chair stand from Studio MU/YU - part of the #STAYHOMU collection, this D.I.Y. craft kit is for one with a quirky taste! Gone are the days of living life on the edge and resting your phone against the fan remote control to watch Netflix. Maybe your pet succulents will feel more at home with a tiny chair of their own too.

Source: Studio MU/YU

If that’s not up your alley, there are many other kits for you to choose from - jewellery, bags, coasters etc. Each of them include all the necessary materials, including a hammer; it can’t get more convenient than this, except for Lyn being by your side. It’s alright, when the circuit breaker ends we can return to the good old days of having our face-to-face workshops again. Till then, the video instructions which come with the kit makes the entire creation process easier, so no worries about getting lost halfway through. Even if you do, you can ask your family members who enjoy handicraft to help you out as well! A fantastic family bonding activity, we must say.

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Next, we have an animal charm D.I.Y kit from the leathercraft studio Hides and Thread. Made with Saffiano leather and available in four different colours, you can give your bag a new look before you bring it out again! Psst...Saffiano leather is popularly used by Prada, so you get to live that high SES life for a way lower price! Just like the phone chair stand above, there will be an instructional sheet and video, so you won’t be cluelessly fumbling with the materials.

Source: Hides and Thread

As we grow Shop Culturally, we will also begin to add more good(ies) that our Culturally Ambassadors handcraft in their own studios! From Letterpress cards, to Kuih earrings etc. These items are already on sale at our booth at the Katong & Joo Chiat Singapore Visitor Center (closed during Circuit Breaker), so we’ll be bringing them online to you, here!

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Our biggest intention in putting together Shop Culturally is to help support local craftsmen, namely our Culturally Ambassadors, and to continue spreading cultural awareness by sharing stories about these unique products and artisans. Bring joy to both your local businesses and friends by gifting these special gifts or bringing them home and sharing the stories on your social media platform. Feel good knowing that you’re helping to keep these businesses alive, and let us know if you find artisans and products you think would be perfect to be featured on Shop Culturally!

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Wishing that everyone stays safe and healthy in this period, and if you are looking for self-care tips, we curated a list for you here.

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At Culturally, we offer customised hands-on cultural experiences for you and your loved ones to enjoy and have fun whilst learning about other cultures!

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