Fun Virtual Activities When You’re Stuck At Home

Has this happened to you? - you and your friends are awkwardly staring at one another on a video call, having run out of life updates to share, and no one can think of a new topic to discuss. Unfortunately for most of us, this real-life scenario is pretty common. When you’ve been stuck at home for months, life doesn’t get particularly exciting. Good news - we have a list of virtual games and workshops which are actually pretty fun - no worries; may be old news, but we have more to entertain!

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Jackbox Games

No need to splurge on expensive controllers, when your phones or tablets are all you need to play these party games! Social circles of up to 8 people will be pleased to hear that no one is left out in Jackbox. Each Party Pack features 5 party games and Jackbox currently has 6 party packs for you to choose from. Sample popular games include Trivia Murder Party, Fibbage and Split the Room.

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Check out the different options here.

Online Escape Rooms

The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Fans of Harry Potter, this is probably the only time you will get to try a Harry Potter themed escape room for free! Here, both your knowledge of Hogwarts and problem-solving skills are crucial. Even if you aren’t a fan, there are multiple fandom links scattered throughout the form to help you understand the references. Done solely through a Google Form, it’s pure genius. Good job, Peters Township Public Library! Accio Google Form!

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Note: This Escape Room session is available in multiple languages, from Italian to French and many more. No worries if English isn’t your first language!


A Google Form escape room doesn’t thrill you as much as you would like? On the Wave app, The Room Escape is an online escape room available in three different themes - Terror/ Thriller/ Adventure. With background music that builds suspense and a countdown timer, you and your friends will definitely start screaming over the screen as you attempt to solve these puzzles in time.

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Download Wave on Google Play or the App Store.


Don’t be fooled by its simple design, this realtime multiplayer game combining football and air hockey will bring out your competitive side(s) as you play with friends. Did you know? Mario Carbajal, the author of Haxball actually started on Haxball to test the Flash Player’s P2P capabilities. Initially an aimless project, it has grown to be the well-loved game it is today, appearing on multiple forums.

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Click here to play.


Thanks to technology, we finally have an online version of this classic guessing game. One by one, each player describes their highlighted word without using any of the “taboo” words below. With a convenient timer provided on the website, you can share your screen with one person and let the rest guess so that no one cheeky will try to cheat! If the game’s getting too simple for you, ban the usage of physical gestures and test how wide your vocabulary is.

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Not into games and prefer something you can call productive? Culturally has some online workshops you can consider with your friends!

Palate Sensations’ Cooking Class

We’ve been there - the place where we’re no longer able to keep up with incomprehensible cooking tutorials on YouTube. Thank God you won’t have to worry about that when the chef is able to answer your questions right there and then! From Indonesian cuisine to French seafood, you’ll be spoilt for choices when you book this cooking party activity with your friends. Minimum 4 parties required. 

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 Click here to check out the different options available. 

DIY Kit Video Call Party

We understand the excitement that comes with purchasing a DIY kit (who wouldn’t, when they are so adorable?) Shop Culturally has curated a perfect list of kits here, but after a while, the inertia to start becomes so very real. What better way to enjoy this creative hands-on experience than doing it together with your friends via video call? This group activity is sure to bring you many laughs, especially when your clumsy friend takes longer than the average human would.

For a wider range of virtual activities, here’s an article we posted earlier. Have fun and share with us how it goes on social media! #DoItWithCulturally

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