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Quick question: Where is the first place you will travel to when the pandemic ends? 

We know, the wait for travel restrictions to be lifted has been agonising. But don’t worry, we are inviting you to travel with us! Who says you can’t experience the land of the rising sun or the birthplace of Scotch while stuck in Singapore?


EN Japanese Tea Experience | Culturally Singapore

Think of Japan and what comes to mind is sashimi, matcha and the gorgeous kimono. While we can’t find the freshest sashimi in Singapore, what we can do is immerse ourselves in an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony experience! Donned in a traditional yukata, learn the “Way of Tea” (known as chado in Japanese), surrounded by zen interior and tatami floors that will make you forget you are still in Singapore. Be guided on how to sit, move, accept, pour, present and drink matcha as the Japanese do!

Yunnan, China

Yesteryear Tea Time | Culturally Singapore

Perhaps matcha isn’t your thing. Well, what about Pu’er tea? Sip on a selection of carefully curated tea that has been aged over a decade. Learn about the proper way to brew tea in an intimate session surrounded by antiques, such as blue and white porcelain from the 14th century. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life to a place of redwood furniture and porcelain vases, reminiscent of Imperial China.


Scotland Whisky Appreciation | Culturally Singapore

In the birthplace of Scotch, the one thing you cannot leave Scotland without trying is their whisky. Be transported to Scotland as you taste test different types of whiskies and learn to differentiate them from their tasting notes! Dive into the colourful history of Scottish whisky from the comfort of your own home (over a ZOOM class), or in a whisky bar lined with shelves of the alluring brown spirit. 

#ExploreCulturally Giveaway!

To thank our #rallyer fam for the support during this pandemic period, we are giving one lucky individual a complimentary spot in an exclusive artisanal chocolate crafting experience (worth $75)!

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