Clubs and Associations in Singapore

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Are you new to Singapore and looking for somewhere to start? On the island, professional networking, making new friends, and enjoying hobbies often come hand-in-hand. Many expats congregate in similar areas for both networking and socialising. There are an array of groups, clubs, and associations you can join to fulfil various aspects of your life. This article will cover some of the great options available for you to join, so you can decide what suits you best!

Nationality-Focused Clubs

These types of clubs are a great source of people who have a similar background to yourself. Nationality-focused clubs can provide an instant network of new friends and a little slice of home. These clubs typically throw a series of events all year round, including sporting events, balls, camps, parties, and more. They may also have facilities including hotels, gyms, pools, and restaurants. As an expat, although you may love throwing yourself into new cultures, it is always nice to be reminded of your background. Some clubs include:

● The British Club
● The American Club
 The Hollandse Club
● The American Association of Singapore (AAS)
● The British Association (BA)
● The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA)

Sporting Clubs

Sporting clubs are a great way to meet friends with similar interests. Bonding over sport is always a good place to start. Not only are you given the opportunity to meet like-minded people, but you also get to have fun while doing it! Some sporting clubs in Singapore include:

● Singapore Polo Club
● Singapore Cricket Club
● Laguna National Golf and Country Club
● ONE°15 Marina Club

If those clubs don’t sound like they’re for you, another more casual option is to join a sporting team. From football, to rugby, to tennis, there is no shortage of sporting teams you can take part in. Read more about sports teams in Singapore here.

Leisure and Other Clubs

Source: The Tanglin Club

If you’re not into sports, the leisure clubs may be more your style. The expat community in Singapore is highly diverse, and this is also reflected in the leisure and social club offerings. There is truly something for everyone, with a range of F&B outlets, events, and facilities. Some options include:

● The Tanglin Club
● Raffles Town Club
● Singapore Island Country Club
● 1880
● Straits Clan

Another great way to connect with other women is through women’s organisations. If you’re looking to make new friends outside of work, or aren’t working, this is a fun and easy way to be plugged into a new network. Some women's clubs include:

● The American Women’s Association (AWA)
● Scandinavian Women’s Association
● The Italian Women’s Group
● The Indian Women’s Association
● Spanish Speaking Women’s Association

Chambers of Commerce

Becoming a member of a chamber of commerce is an effective way to build your business network. Your chamber will give you access to a comprehensive network of other businesses both local and international. Chambers also host numerous social and networking events that unite the community.

Some of the chambers present in Singapore include:

● American Chamber of Commerce
● British Chamber of Commerce
● Australian Chamber of Commerce
● European Chamber of Commerce

Whether you are yet to arrive in Singapore, have just landed, or are looking to expand your current network, joining a club or association is a great place to start. Singapore is undeniably a great place to be as an expat. The expat community is dynamic and well-established, so there are no shortage of expat-friendly clubs to join. Whether you love to kick a ball around, mingle with people from your home country, or just sip a cocktail by the pool, there is sure to be a club for you.

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