6 Self-Care Tips During Circuit Breaker

Finding yourself more cranky during circuit breaker? We don’t blame you. Start by taking care of yourself with the self-care tips below!

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1. Try simple recipes

Dalgona coffee, boba pearls - that’s old news. Why not try something new, something that is easy to make especially when NTUC has run out of brown sugar? One of our interns, Wendy, helps her mom make muah chee at home. Although it is often overshadowed by other local delicacies, muah chee contributes an important flavour to Singapore’s identity with its soft glutinous rice texture and ground peanut toppings. Here is one of the easier recipes we found online, with only 4 ingredients required!

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2. Find a relaxing read

Now that we have time on our hands, we can finally pick up books that we left half-read on the floor. Not sure which titles are good? The New York Times has a weekly ranking of books in the United States - this week, we have Camino Winds by John Grisham which topped combined print & e-book fiction and Untamed by Glennon Doyle for the nonfiction category. If you absolutely adore a particular read, share it with your virtual book club!

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3. Treat your loved ones

Even for the greatest introvert, it must still be pretty difficult to not see your friends during this circuit breaker. However, the current restrictions do not mean that you are unable to express your love for them! In these tough times, it is especially important to show our appreciation for one another, as each little act of love goes a long way in helping everyone tide through. 

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If the ideas of snail mail and food delivery are too basic for you, why not gift your friends an experience after circuit breaker? With Culturally’s e-Gift vouchers valid for 12 months, your friends will have plenty of time to enjoy this unique gift! No worries about losing that personal touch; you get to customize your message and the selection of experience can be swapped if your friends prefer another workshop. If the idea of choosing a specific experience stresses you out, gift an amount instead and let your friends choose one themselves!

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4. Work out at home

Over this circuit breaker period, you’ve probably heard of the #ChloeTingChallenge circulating all over the Internet. Don’t know who that is? Chloe Ting is a fitness enthusiast who posts on fitness, fashion and travel on her YouTube channel. Since circuit breaker began, her channel has blown up to 7.19 million subscribers as many have adopted her home workouts. You can find more of her videos in her channel here.

Remember, you shouldn’t feel bad if you are unable to complete these workouts. After all, they are just here to help you take care of your health!

5. Channel your inner Marie Kondo

I can already hear my mom cheering over my shoulder. With most of us stuck at home, it is no surprise when we get sick and tired of being in the same environment every day. One way to get around that is by cleaning up your room - your mom didn’t pay us to write this; it’s true! According to Psychology Today, a research study by Dr. NiCole R. Keith concluded that cleanliness and one’s welfare were positively correlated. With a tidy room, we would naturally feel happier and take better care of our physical health as well. On the bright side, it wouldn’t be as tedious to tidy your room when it comes to spring cleaning right before the New Year!

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6. Be creative

Now that you have heaps of old clothes you no longer plan to wear, what do you do with them? Aside from donating them to charity, one thing you can try is reviving them in your own creative ways - our personal favourites include these YouTube playlists of thrift flips by @bestdressed and @withwendy. If these are too complex for you and you seek something more chill, consider signing up for our Sashiko stitching workshop after circuit breaker! During the experience, you will learn how to rework old textiles and use it to decorate your own Boro tote. Find out more here.

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