5 Benefits You Will Gain From Corporate Team Building

You’ve read multiple guides on what is team building and how to plan one, yet you can’t help but wonder: Is team building really necessary? Surely there are businesses that forgo team building sessions and are still operating…

We don’t blame you. When the first thing that comes to mind is employees sitting in a circle doing silly things and solving group problems, team building exercises can seem, well, lame. (Of course, this only applies to a team that has gotten the chance to know each other. They don’t need icebreakers.) 

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Team building may have gotten a bad rap from its portrayal on TV — a manager mimicking Steve Carell’s insanely-awkward-try-hard leadership style from The Office and employees groaning in response to “We’re going to do some team building!”. But that doesn’t mean team building is meaningless, it just means effective team building was not used. There are lots to gain from the right kind of team building. Though we wouldn’t go so far as to say that team building is essential, it is most definitely a good investment. 

Here’s why:

1. Builds a strong (and winning) corporate culture

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Working can be tiring and stressful, that’s pretty much why we all dislike working. But if it was fun? We’d gladly clock into work every day. Team building can help achieve that. Team building activities that encourage employees to experience excitement and have fun can generate good vibes among employees. So do team building sessions that act as a reward for all the hard work they have done. 

Associating the company with these good vibes, employees are more likely to enjoy working for the company. A strong and positive company culture is important to ensure the good ones stay and makes the company a top choice for potential talents. 

2. Increases motivation in the workplace

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You know that feeling of accomplishment when you complete a difficult task? The afterglow of success; that’s what keeps people going. Similarly, when the team successfully completes a team building activity, it creates momentum and makes them feel proud of what they have achieved. Thus, they gain confidence in their, and their team’s, abilities. 

Back in the workplace, they are then motivated to undertake bigger responsibilities as they know they can do it.

3. Encourages creativity

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A successful business requires creativity and innovation. Yet most work done in the office is mundane and provides little room for creativity. Unconventional team building activities, however, give employees an opportunity to use their imagination. The constant exposure to interesting and novel experiences, through team building sessions, encourages employees to come up with creative solutions in their work and serves as a way for the company to say “Hey! We’re open to new and unorthodox ideas!”.

4. Improves productivity in the office

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Spending time together or sharing an experience allows bonding between employees to happen organically. Getting to know each other over a bottle of Gin, or a cup of tea if you’d like, is an effective way to build trust. Having a better understanding of other individuals in the team will facilitate collaboration between employees and increase efficiency in the workplace. 

Team building sessions that cross between teams also offer a chance for individuals to develop networks of contacts outside of their day-to-day role, which is beneficial in speeding up their work as they will have access to those with the right expertise.

5. Provides an opportunity for positive reinforcement

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When was the last time you commended an employee on their performance and showed recognition for the work they have done? In a dynamic environment, it is easy to overlook one of the simplest needs of an employee — affirmation. Affirmation plays a big part in getting the team to believe in themselves and in turn, helps them perform better at work.

By rewarding your team with an experience they look forward to (that doubles up as an opportunity for team building), you are sending a strong message to every employee that they are appreciated and valued for their work. In the long run, employer-employee relationships are positive and employees will willingly do their best for the company as their efforts are recognised. 

Trust us, team building does more good than harm for your company! Choosing the right team building activities can allow you to exploit the above benefits and discover many more.

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