4 Reasons To Join Leather Crafting in Singapore

With the rising popularity of leathercraft in Singapore, it may come as no surprise that many individuals are getting increasingly interested in pursuing this artform. However, if you haven’t heard of this trend before…. maybe you’ll explore it after reading this post! Here are 4 reasons why you should join a leather crafting workshop in Singapore! 

1. Develop a new hobby 

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Nothing beats finding a new hobby that allows you to challenge yourself creatively and kinesthetically. While leather crafting may seem like a rather sedentary hobby, that is only true to a certain extent. Crafting leather actually demands creativity from the user to be able to build pieces from a plain piece of leather! Good psychomotor skills are also required in handling tools and manipulating the leather to your will, this coupled with the creative challenges posed by leather crafting makes it perfect for the working class.

So if you are looking for a simple hobby that isn’t too competitive to allow yourself a safe space to unwind from work, then leather crafting might just be the right place for you! Furthermore, heading to workshops held by local businesses may also help you to meet other leather crafting enthusiasts, which leads to our next point!

2. Support local businesses 

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As mentioned above, one reason to get into leather crafting is to explore the hobby while also showing support to our local businesses. Due to the effect from the recent pandemic, local businesses, especially handicraft-based ones, have taken a huge hit. So for those who have had an interest all along, now would be the perfect time to give the local craftsman a chance! While local workshops can allow you to meet like-minded enthusiasts, you can also bring your friends to tag along on these workshops, a win-win situation for all!

3. Team building event 

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Finding suitable team-building events may be a hassle for those planning, as there are many considerations to take into account. Worrying about the physicality of the activity, and whether it’s too skills demanding…. Expanding on what we mentioned above, leather crafting is actually the perfect corporate team-building event! While allowing individual creativity, teams can also work together due to the multifaceted creation process, allowing the taking on of different roles. 

It will also facilitate communication between team members about the process and end goal as every step in leather crafting is essential in creating an aesthetic yet functional end product. Processes such as dyeing of leather, carving of intricate designs, type of leather or even understanding the types of tools will muddle the communication of even the best team. So, if you think your team is up for the challenge, sign up for a leather crafting workshop now! 

4. Quality handmade gifts 

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Leather has been an essential material in the creation of many products: from luxurious goods to necessities like key fobs and card holders. Usually synonymous with luxury, utilising leather in your crafting process can produce the highest quality gifts or mementos for yourself. 

That said, the range of projects that you can embark on are endless, including wallets, bracelets, sheaths, pouches, keyholders… Hence, learning leather crafting may be a long term investment worthwhile for those who enjoy gifting quality handmade goods. The products created are also easily suitable for all occasions and ages, and highly customisable, making leather crafting an essential yet elegant skill.

With all that being said, we hope we have managed to convince you regarding the practicality and utility of leather crafting. Handmade leather craft creates products of utmost quality unrivalled by machines, but is easily a diminishing trade disrupted by technology. So for those who are sitting on the fence unsure whether to learn leather crafting, sign up now and make some beautiful gifts!

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